Friday, June 18, 2010

"The Holdout": WP Article on "Ledos Pizza"

The Washington Post today tells the story of the lone surviving townhouse on Massachusetts Avenue NW between 4th and 5th Streets NW.

The owner, an architect who bought the building in 1980 for about $135,000, had refused offers of up to $2.75 million for the little property as developers made plans for condominiums a few years ago.  Ultimately, they worked around him, putting up new high rises on both sides and behind the building.  He then vowed to start a Ledo's Pizza until a dispute with Adams National Bank led to the end of the financing for the needed renovation.  The house, built in 1890 and dwarfed by its neighbors, is a reminder of the houses that once sat on Massachusetts Avenue in times past.  It now sits vacant.
Developer types throw around ideas for the spot. A cafe could work, perhaps, or a bar or restaurant.  Whatever opens, Cary Silverman of the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association said, he has the perfect name: "The Holdout," an eternal reminder to anyone and everyone "to not make unreasonable demands."

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