Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elections Roundup

Join me for a Q & A session with DC Council Chairman and Mayoral Candidate Vince Gray this Tuesday, June 29. The forum will be held at the Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church, 900 Massachusetts Avenue NW.  I will be co-moderating with Convention Center Community Association President Martin Moulton. Later on the agenda is Peaceoholics Executive Director Maia Shanklin Roberts.  More details are available here.
Talk about a little pre-fall cleaning... The DC Board of Elections has released a list of 93,773 inactive registered voters who will be removed from the voter registration database [press release].  It's a large list - 1,737 pages.  These are folks who have not voted in any election in the past eight years and did not respond to repeated notices from the Board.  In other words, they live in Maryland or Virginia.

On Thursday, Councilmember Mary Cheh will hold a public roundtable on the Board's implementation of reforms mandated by the DC Council following the 2008 election debacle.  According to Cheh, "my Omnibus Election Reform Act has made significant changes to improve the administration of elections and to make voting more accessible. At the roundtable, I expect that the Board will be able to provide detailed information about their preparations to date and specific milestones that need to be reached before the election. I also anticipate discussions about the Board's new voting machines, its efforts to clean the voter rolls, its new pilot program for overseas and military voters, and its preparation for convenient voting methods." The public roundtable will be held in the Wilson Building, Room 500, at 10:30am.  Are they ready for 2010? Given that its website continues to prominently advertise "Election Year 2008" information only months before the September 2010 primary, I'm going to go with... not quite yet.

This week's Washington Blade contains a 5,098 word missive (the equivalent of 9 1/2 single spaced pages in MS Word) from activist Peter Rosenstein on why he won't support Adrian Fenty for a second term as Mayor.  Rosenstein, who credits himself with helping develop Mayor Fenty's 2006 platform highlights what he feels are major gaps between Campaign Fenty and Mayor Fenty.  Is Rosenstein over the top or is his take on point?

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Brian said...

I hope that you grill the piece of holics on their record (is there any proof) Do they even have reciepts? and I hope that mr gray can answer questions pertaining to the no bid grants for millions for this group. The contractors dyrs are using to house the youths are failing to keep these kids in line. Is there anyone on their staff qualified to council the youths? What about the title 11 law about clustering these types of programs? We have been trying to get the council to hold a hearing to get these answers and still....NOTHING