Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ZC Nominee: Stan Wall

Last night, a nominee to the Zoning Commission, Stan Wall, introduced himself to the Federation of Citizens Associations and took questions. 

The Zoning Commission is an independent, quasi-judicial body charged with preparing, adopting, and subsequently amending the Zoning Regulations and Zoning Map in a means not inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital area. It regulates the height, area, and use of buildings in the District of Columbia.  Three members of the ZC are residents of the District of Columbia appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council. The fourth member of the ZC is the Architect of the Capitol (or his/her representative). The fifth ZC member is the Director of the National Park Service (or his/her representative).

Wall would replace Anthony Hood, the current chairman, whose term expired four months ago, and serve until 2014.  Hood is a civic activist, who, in addition to his job at the EPA, serves as President of the Woodridge Civic Association and the Woodridge Civic Fund, on the Board of Directors of the Bryant Park Homeowners Association, and as a Member of MPD's 5th District's Citizens Advisory Council.

Some DC residents have raised concern that, with Hood's replacement, the Zoning Commission's resident members will be composed of developers who have an inherent interest in higher, more concentrated development.

Profession: Consultant on projects in DC and surrounding jurisdictions.  Self employed.  The Wall Development Group's clients are primarily federal and local government entities.
Educational background: Engineering (BA Penn State) and project finance/business (MBA, UPenn).
Is he a zoning lawyer?  No.
Is he developer?  Yes, but he has not developed anything.
Is he a member of any fraternity in which the Mayor is also a member?  No.
Why was he nominated?  On the basis of his consulting work with the District and other jurisdictions.
Did he receive "marching orders" from the Administration? No.
Where does he live?  He lived in many areas of DC; currently, he is a Ward 6 resident on H Street NE - though his nomination resolution provides a West End address at 2501 K Street NW.
When is his confirmation hearing before the Council: Initially, it was scheduled for earlier this month.  The hearing was postponed until June 29 due to community concerns.
What role do you see for the Comprehensive Plan in your decisionmaking?  It would be the first document I would look to.
Is the Zoning Commission position paid?  No.  It receives a nominal ($25) stipend per meeting attended.
How will you have the time?  As a self-employed person, his schedule is flexible.
Demeanor: Extremely soft spoken.  Good thing they have mics on the Zoning Commission dais.
Resume: Available here.
Questions?   E-mail Stan Wall.

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