Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mayoral Candidates' Debate: June 10

I will be serving as one of four questioners/panelists at a June 10 mayoral candidates' debate.  This should be an interesting, informative, and lively event.  If there is a question you would like me to pose to all of the candidates or an individual candidate, please submit them in the comments.

Contact: Thomas M. Smith
(202) 364-7130

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty and DC Council Chairman Vince Gray, the leading candidates in the September 14 Democratic primary for Mayor, have confirmed they will participate in the Neighborhoods Mayoral Forum to be held June 10 in Tenleytown. In addition to focusing on city-wide issues, the Forum is intended to explore candidates’ views on a wide range of issues specifically affecting the city’s diverse neighborhoods. The Forum will be moderated by former Ward 3 DC Council member Kathy Patterson, a current resident of Ward 6.

The Forum will take place at St. Columba’s Episcopal Church Great Hall, 4201 Albemarle Street NW, just one block from the Red Line Tenleytown Metro Stop. The Forum will be held from 7:30 – 9:30 PM.

Other mayoral candidates participating in the Mayoral Forum are Leo Alexander, Sulaimon Brown, and Ernest Johnson.

The Neighborhoods Forum is being sponsored by the Ward Three Democratic Committee and the Federation of Citizens Associations of the District of Columbia.

In addition to the Forum, the Ward Three Democratic Committee also will sponsor a Mayoral Straw Poll on June 10 open to all registered Democrats residing in Ward 3. Any registered Democrat residing in Ward 3 is eligible to cast a “vote” in the straw poll. Voting will be by secret ballot. The straw poll will be held from 7 – 10 PM at St. Columba’s Episcopal Church.


CCCA Prez said...

If he wins, would Mayor Gray keep Chancellor Rhee?
How would Mayor Gray fix DCRA?

Do Fenty or Gray still support funding Peaceoholics?
What statistics did Mr Fenty use for authorizing funds for Peaceoholics in the past?

Greg (NJ Ave) said...

As the economy begins to improve it is expected that small business will continue to open across the city in neighborhoods and communities which commonly only have a liquor store. Frequently the work of negotiating the maze of approvals and variances can end projects that would have resulted in a better life for local residents.

It may be too much to ask that the city encourage these business with tax breaks and incentives however at a minimum what can be done to streamline the paperwork maze so these small businesses can get to work doing what they know, serving their communities, instead of battling bureaucracy?