Thursday, November 20, 2008

That's News? No. 1.

In what will be a regular feature, I'll draw attention to questionable local reporting. This one is called, "That's News?" I may also have another edition called, "That's Reporting?," to highlight those all-to-often local news stories that fail to ask probing questions, understand the issue, or go beyond the surface.

Did you read today near front page story in the Examiner going nuts on the Fentys? Apparently, someone looked very closely at photos taken of their nursery for the Washington Post Home Section in which the crib is filled with pillows, blankets, and toys and had a gotcha! moment. The Fentys apparently join baby-dangling-off-the-balcony Michael Jackson in the irresponsible parents section. Why? Fluffy things in a crib pose a suffication risk for a baby.

"We were like crazy when we saw it," said Betty Connal, executive director of SIDS-Mid-Atlantic.

"That crib is just not a safe place for a baby to be sleeping in."

Ok, but get a grip, it was an arranged photograph and THE BABY ISN'T EVEN BORN!

Well, the SIDS advocates are doing their job by bringing attention to the issue, so I'm not sure I fault them other than going over the top. But how does this warrant a story on the cover page of the regional section? Maybe a blog, maybe.

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si said...

Yeah i saw that this morning and asked myself wtf? and then moved on to Jonetta's piece about fiscal priorities. Jack & Catania are getting into belt tightening mode. Carol is yammering about waste & duplicate spending (which shes done nothing to fix..) Next year should be interesting. In my total laywoman non-expert opinion, think DC will get a bump from inauguration and the really local economy will be spared as a result. But if the government wants to show some restraint, thats a good thing. Can they? who knows.