Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CityCenter DC (aka the Old Conventer Center site): Update and Plans

Top: Arial view.
Second row: Ground level master plan.
Third row: NW Park (NY Ave. & 11th St.), Alley, Central Plaza

This week, Hines, the developer of the Old Convention Center site known as CityCenterDC, will hire its general contractor. The schedule has slid back a few months, but they have entered the permitting process. Bidding for subcontractors will begin in January or February 2009. Ground breaking is anticipated to occur in June 2009. The project does not yet have financing in place, but Hines is hopeful this will occur as the process moves forward.

Here are some of the details on the project:

Parcel A (between H & I Streets):
Retail: 250,000 square feet
Rental Housing: 458 units (20% affordable)
Condos: 216 units (20% affordable)
Office space: 463,000 square feet
Private below grade parking: 940 spaces
Retail/public parking: 700 spaces

Parcel B (between New York Avenue & I Street):
Hotel: 400 rooms
Retail: 110,000 square feet
Parking: 400 spaces

Gould Parcel:
Office & Retail: 600,000
Parking: TBD

Merchandising Mix: Restaurants/cafes, market foods/specialty goods, fashion, home furnishings, electronics, and entertainment.

Critical Plan Elements: Maximize street oriented retail, pedestrian friendly streetscape, urban public space that is attractive and compelling, storefronts that are exciting and interesting, actively programmed public space, unique goods, services, and experience in an utrban setting.
As this project takes off, Mount Vernon Triangle will continue to grow, O Street Market ("CityMarket at O") will take shape, and the Marriott Convention Center Hotel will come to life. In addition, Douglas Development may soon be ready to develop the area immediately east of the convention center, including the 600 Blocks of L Street and New York Avenue NW and the 1000 Block of 7th Street NW.

As a member of the Residential Advisory Committee for CityCenter at O, I'll be helping make sure that this project delivers on its potential benefits to the community (jobs, retail, a vibrant street life) and to minimize the disruption during construction.


Anonymous said...

Is the Gould parcel going to deliver along with the rest, or are they sitting on it until market conditions improve?

Cary Silverman said...

My understanding is that Gould has selected an architect for its corner site, but that's as much as I know. Although they have to generally stay within the master plan for the project area, they are proceeding with their own plans. I'm not sure if there are any requirements on delivery. I'll see what I can find out.

Sam Farmer said...

i secretly hope this project will not get financing and the space turned into a big outdoor park that attracts locals and tourists like millenium park in chicago.

there are plenty of other lots in the surrounding area to put the retail.

Anonymous said...

You mean like the Mall??? We need more retail/housing downtown a lot more than we need another park that generates no money.

Justin said...

Several other lots? Like where?

si said...

Cary do you know who Gould's architect is?

Cary Silverman said...

I don't know who Gould's architect is.

fourthandeye said...

Franklin Square is a nice big beautiful park only two blocks West of this site. I don't understand the argument that the Old CC should become a park. Now if the city could have land swapped some of the old CC site with Steuart or Wilkes to get one decent sized park in the Triangle that would have been something...