Friday, November 21, 2008

But really, how much?

By now, everyone has heard or read an article about the astronomical prices at which DC area residents are offering their homes for rent during inauguration week. The going rate on Craig's List seems to be about $2,000 per night for a 2-bedroom condo in the city, but some are listed for substantially more. There's a bit of randomness to the amounts - with some places well outside DC charging just as much or more as similar homes or apartments in the downtown area.

I've read enough about what people are offering. I'm more interested in knowing -- is anyone actually paying these prices?

If you posted a listing on Craig's List or somewhere else - sound off. Is your e-mail box full and you are sorting through references? Or did your ad go into oblivion, vanishing silently into the depths of the internet?


Greg said...

I posted an ad on CL, got no inquiries. It's for a studio a block away from the Capitol. Asking for 1000/night.

Anonymous said...

I put my 3BR house near downtown up for $1,800/night, then dropped it to $1,500/night, and still have yet to receive an inquiry.

Anonymous said...

There were 700 postings for Inauguration rentals put up on craigslist just yesterday. I think the market is saturated.