Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm even more appreciative I bought that space heater... this is just wrong. The Washington Post is attributing the loss of heat to an operator error. And it's not the first time we are hearing about major Washington Gas issues in this area of Shaw, as discussed here or here. To whom exactly is Washington Gas and its management accountable?

District, Washington Gas Work to Resolve Problem, Care for Residents

Washington, DC - A serious interruption of gas service in a section of Northwest and affecting more than 400 households in the Shaw neighborhood has Washington Gas officials and several DC city agencies pulling together.

Currently, the outage affects residents in an area between U Street to Rhode Island Avenue and 8th Street to Vermont Avenue NW.
Emergency Management officials have obtained space at the Kennedy Recreation Center to be used as a warming center. Kennedy is located at 1407 7th Street, Northwest.

Officials are surveying individual residences in the affected area to determine their heating needs. Many residents may be using alternate heating methods, such as space heaters. Fire officials remind that if space heaters are being used, at least three feet of space should be allowed around the heater. Also, if you leave the room, you should turn the heater off.

Fire officials also remind that if anyone ever smells an odor of natural gas, please call 9-1-1. If anyone is in need of medical transport, call 9-1-1..
Further updates will be given as necessary.


Cary Silverman said...

Here's an update from 7:24pm last night. I hope no one had to spend the night at the all inclusive Kennedy Rec Center & Spa.

Update: Washington Gas has reported that gas has been restored to 100 homes in the affected area of U Street NW to Rhode Island Ave. NW and 8th St. NW to Vermont Ave. NW. Washington Gas reports that 75 customers have yet to return home so the status of those homes is unknown. They report that they have 40 technicians working in the area at this time. Serve DC remains on the scene with 40 volunteers still going door to door checking on residents in the area. DHS and Red Cross reports that they have cots, blankets, water, and meals, at the Kennedy Recreation Center for those residents in need. Department on Aging also remains on the scene in stand-by for any elderly citizens who need assistance. Washington Gas says that it will continue to go door to door and check on the status of the residents gas. If residents have any questions for Washington Gas, they are advised to call 703-750-4831. The Kennedy Recreation Center will remain open until all the gas is restored.

si said...

The one silver lining is that it just got cold, so the possibility of freezing pipes is low. One easy way to prevent this is to trickle your faucets to keep the water moving. Just a teeny bit.

Cary there is no spa. Kennedy never got its promised splash park.