Saturday, April 24, 2010

Franklin, Betts, Shootings, and more...

What's the Status of the Franklin School RFP?  Based on a statement made at the April 7 Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2F meeting, which had supported Yu Ying Public Charter School's proposal for use of the Franklin School as a Chinese language immersion program, there is speculation the District has again rejected the idea.  At the meeting, ANC2F Chairman Charles Reed reported that the Deputy Mayor's office commented that there was "a glitch" in the Yu Ying proposal.  That would leave the boutique hotel option, which includes a restaurant and culinary school of some sort.  No award of the RFP yet.  The Coalition for Franklin School continues to push for an educational use for the building, as discussed in The Intowner.

Brian Betts. According to Friday's Washington Post, police believe that at least two people were involved in the beloved Shaw principal's shooting. Also read Petula Dvorak's column exploring the impact of Betts' death on the many young lives in which he played an important part. The DC Agenda also has a story on Betts - please refrain from the gay conspiracy theories, really. There will be a memorial service for the public at Strathmore Hall (5301 Tuckerman Lane, North Bethesda, Maryland) on Saturday, May 1 (time TBD). There will also be a school tribute for students, parents and staff at Shaw at Garnett-Patterson on Thursday, April 29.

Shootings are Back.  This past Monday (4/19), we had two shootings in Shaw around the area of 5th/6th and N NW at about 8:30pm and then again at about 9:30pm.  [UPDATE: The bullets keep flying. There was another shooting on Saturday, 4/24 at six in the afternoon around the same location.]  The warm weather is here.  I am told that MPD recovered a discarded gun after the first shooting and questioned some potential suspects.  Fortunately, no one was hit.  There's a crime camera right above the site.  Hopefully, MPD will be able to make an arrest.  Amazing how secure the neighborhood was during the Nuke summit.

DC Refund Comes in Last.  My wife and I filed our federal, District, and Maryland tax returns at the same time -- in late February or early March. We received our tax refunds from the federal government and Maryland about one month ago. The District's has yet to arrive.

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