Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sports-Team Plates May Be Coming

It's nice to see an idea possibly get implemented. 

Yesterday, Councilmembers Kwame Brown (D-At Large) and Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) introduced legislation that, if enacted, will allow DC residents to get license plates that show their support for the Redskins, Wizards, United, Capitals and Mystics, and possibly college teams as well [DC Wire / WTOP]. 

I think I am entitled to share a little credit.  Exactly one month ago today, I suggested such legislation to Councilmember Evans.  I e-mailed the idea soon after driving by a car with a Maryland plate with a Washington Capitals logo on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, finding it offensive that we live practically next door to the Verizon Center, but don't have the same option as our suburban neighbors.  I had also suggested putting some portion of the revenue gained from the fees from the special plates toward a recreational purpose that benefits city youth.  While I have not yet seen the actual bill, reportedly revenue generated from the plates under the proposed legislation will go into the general fund.

Press reports do not mention whether license plates will be available for the Nationals or DC United. Hopefully, these teams are included in the legislation as well.  Maryland and Virginia residents can already sport DC United plates.  [UPDATE: DCist reports that the omitted teams will be added to the bill].

Now, if I could only address the shootings, put vacant properties back into productive use, improve the District's education system, get some of our parks renovated (legally)....

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LongTimeRez said...

"...reportedly revenue generated from the plates under the proposed legislation will go into the general fund."

Oh-h-h-h, noo-o-o-o, Mr. Bill! Not the general fund--you might as well flush the money down the toilet!!

With the funds coming from license plates, they should go back to DDOT and its Urban Forestry Admin.