Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Car Sharing to Expand

Residents may be interested to learn that the the District Department of Transportation Office of Zoning will hold a public hearing next Monday, December 21, regarding new regulations for Zipcar and, I assume, other car sharing companies, to operate beyond downtown and in residential neighborhoods.  Zipcar

Here is a blurb from Zipcar, which received the 2009 Mayor's Environmental Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement for Innovation in Green Products or Services.
Over the past few months, we've been working tirelessly with DDOT and the DCRA to adjust the zoning regulations as they pertain to some of the home locations for our Zipcars. The new regulations would officially allow Zipcar to conduct business in residential areas of the District. That means we'll be able to continue parking your beloved neighborhood car in the alley behind your house. However, there's still one last step, and for that we need your help.
On Monday, December 21 at 6:30pm at 441 4th Street NW Suite 220 South, there will be a public hearing for citizens to vocalize their support for the new regulations. We would love it if you could stop by to share a story or two about what Zipcar means to you. As a token of our thanks, we'll be handing out Zipcar t-shirts so you can show your pride during the meeting.

If you think you might be able to make it, send a quick email to rsvpdc@zipcar.com to let us know.

Thanks again for being a Zipster, and we hope to see you soon.
If you would like to provide some "information sharing" for readers on the proposed regulations, which I have not located online, please do!

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abuelo jack said...

After much searching, I found the proposed regs, and hearing announcement, here:

-- Jack McKay
ANC 1D03 (Mount Pleasant)