Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Great New Parks

Photos of the Chevy Chase Playground and Recreational Center. (Compare to 600 N Street NW Park). The camera phone, however, does not do the park justice.

One arriving at the Chevy Chase Playground and Recreation Center might think they'd died and gone to Montgomery County. A large wrap-around playground for kids with all the amenities. A ballfield in tip-top shape with netting, dugouts, and stadium seating. Two lit tennis courts and two lit basketball courts, which appear newly resurfaced. There's even a poop bag dispenser, demonstrating that kids, adults, and dogs happily co-exist.

But the park is on the D.C. side of the line, and it is managed by the DC Department of Parks and Recreation (with the assistance of a "Friends of Chevy Chase Playground" group that donated the new playground equipment last year). DPR renovated the baseball diamond in March.

Tomorrow, as the Shaw community sits down with DPR to consider, yet again, plans for renovating the park on the 600 Block of N Street NW, consider the potential to make that park, as well as the Bundy Field/Lot and for New Jersey and O Street (Dunbar) Park, great!

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