Friday, August 21, 2009

Dogs Who Commute

A stray dog rides the Moscow metro to "work" downtown. Source:

Some lighthearted news to start your Friday. Earlier this week, Stephen Colbert mentioned this story (video).

Apparently, stray dogs in Moscow are known to take the subway from their suburban homes into the city each morning, where it is easier to get food, then travel home in the evenings. The dogs have lots of tricks for catching a meal. The videos accompanying the story are hilarious, including one of the K-9s learning to use the escalator.

The story is not exactly new. The Wall Street Journal covered the subway-taking, green-light crossing Moscow dogs, estimated at 26,000, in May 2008 and there's even a Russian website devoted to the fellas, which allows those of us with fading Russian language skills to practice translating the witty captions.

Given the string of bad news for Metro lately, some DC dogs might opt to bike to work.

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