Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mermaids, aliens & bigfoot: what do they have in common?

This week marked the end of the anti-coal campaign in Metro Center with the replacement of the "in reality" ads with more neutral-messaged Pepsi signs. I'm not sure if there's an award for "most effective ad or advocacy campaign," but, if so, I'd nominate the in reality series. The simplicity of the messaging and imagery was ingenious - turning on its head the industry's clean coal campaign. It makes me want to pick up my undergrad studies in marketing and combine it with advocacy.


KCinDC said...

The way the mermaid was used was strange. Some of the ads, as you show, depicted her only from the waist up, which conceals the fact that she's a mermaid. Others showed her full length, but she was standing on her tail -- a very unmermaidlike (and impossible, for a traditional mermaid) pose.

Anonymous said...

Great series, but they should have stopped at bigfoot and mermaids. In an infinite universe, it's probable that there is extraterrestrial life. Of course, burning coal isn't going to help us find them.