Friday, February 27, 2009

DC Vote: Gunned Down

So I just read that the U.S. Senate passed legislation this afternoon to give the District a vote in the House of Representatives. Only thing is... they amended the bill to make our vote contingent on repealing the District's gun laws.

That leaves three options:
  1. D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton shows some chutzpah and introduces an amendment to the House version of the bill to repeal all of Utah's strict alcoholic beverage laws in order to protect their 21st Amendment rights to show how ridiculous it is for Congress to meddle in local affairs.

  2. I'm reminded of a scene in Glory, one of my favorite movies, where the soldiers take their checks, raise them in the air, and chant "tear it up," "tear it up."

  3. Hope that such stupidity is corrected in conference committee after a measure without the gun amendment passes the House.
Don't get me wrong, I've already predicted that the bill will ultimately be torn apart as unconstitutional, but I'm fed up with this b.s.


Anonymous said...

If it gets struck down as unconstitutional, then I will sue the federal government for all the federal taxes I've paid while living in the District of Columbia. You can only federally tax states after all. We should be treated no differently than Guam or Puerto Rico.

Mike Licht said...

Here's how to get the DC House Vote through Congress: