Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mayoral Straw Poll for Ward 2

The Logan Circle Community Association and the Ward 2 Democrats are hosting a Mayoral straw poll Wednesday, July 21st at the Washington Plaza Hotel, 10 Thomas Circle. All of the candidates who filed papers to run have been invited, including current Mayor Adrian Fenty and current Council Chair Vincent Gray.

Everyone is invited to attend, but only registered Democrats will be able to participate in the straw poll. Registration begins at 7pm, and guests will have the opportunity to talk to any candidates who are present at that time. The presentations will begin at 7:30, and voting will close by 9:15. (Times subject to change if needed.)

Each candidate will be asked to speak on several topics. Following the presentation, registered Democrats will have the opportunity to vote. For more information, please contact Ward 2 Democrats President Pat Allen at 202-296-0720 or LCCA President Bob Maffin at 202-301-2125.

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Cary Silverman said...

Results of Ward 2 Straw Poll: Fenty 97 (59.5%), Gray 63 (38.7%). I'm not sure if that's sufficent for the organization to officially endorse Fenty. Usually an endorsement requires a super majority of somewhere between 60-70%.

Results posted here: http://www.ward2democrats.org/content/view/55/69/