Saturday, January 9, 2010

Supporting Martin

Meet your neighbors and help Martin Moulton
Tuesday, January 19
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Long View Gallery
1234 Ninth Street NW

Friends and supporters of Shaw neighborhood activist and leader Martin Moulton are coming together to help raise funds to pay Martin's legal fees, helping him defend against recent legal actions taken by Leroy Thorpe. Here's a link to recent developments or you can review the official legal docket (Case No. 09 CA 007215) by searching "Leroy Thorpe" here.

Please make checks payable to "Harmon Curran" (the law firm representing Martin) and include "Martin Moulton Legal Fees" on the note line at the bottom of your check.

Thank you for your consideration and we hope you will join us.

Host Committee (in formation): Kari and Jason Beard, Ralph Brabham and Drew Porterfield, Frances Evangelista, Mike Gormley, Miles E. Groves, Suzi Molak, The Hon. Alex Padro, Cary Silverman, Stephanie Slewka, Charles Walker, William Waybourn, Deborah Ziska.

Please phone 202.518.2453 for more information or RSVP by January 16.

If you are unable to attend the event, you can still support Martin’s legal defense by sending a check payable to “Harmon Curran" (the law firm representing Martin), at 1726 M Street NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20036 .  Please include "Martin Moulton Legal Fees" on the note line at the bottom of your check.  Any amount helps and is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the support.

Anonymous said...

Begin forwarded message:

*From:* Sarah Livingston <
*Date:* January 14, 2010 10:53:37 PM EST
*Subject:* *Re: Help Martin - January 19th, 6-8pm*

What, exactly is the injustice being done to Mr. Moulton by being sued by another citizen? That's how our justice system works. And don't we the taxpayers still provide court appointed attorneys for the economically disadvantaged?
This event is, well, I wish I could draw cartoons -- it is so rich in laughs!
A person trying to impress everybody with his leadership and activism having a pity me party? That is just Hilarious!

Sarah Livingston

Charles Walker said...

I was glad I could help with this effort. It was nice to see so many neighbors there. I'm not sure why Ms Livingston is so full of anger.

Anonymous said...

Another gem from Sarah Livingston who has recently been elected to serve as the "PR Director and Secretary" for the ECCA, and therefore, for all intents and purposes, ECCA President Leroy Thorpe himself (according to the current pubic roster of ECCA Board Members:

Dear "Help Martin" Committee,

Just want to convey my thoughts directly to you about a recent event:

Within about a week during which I had been having a conversation with Martin Moulton about how to prevent Scott Montgomery from being closed, I recieved two pleas from DNA, ran into an invitation on "the other 35%" and then had one directly sent to me by the Longview Gallery to join a fundraiser for Mr. Moulton.

It was a very strange experience and a profoundly sad one to see people who I've always seen as amongst the "best and the brightest" in this neighborhood put something that is in no way what-so-ever an issue to me nor do I believe to this community so "in your face" that it appeared to completely supercede the very real prospect of losing an elementary school (leaving the community with an uninvited and as far as I know unwanted, charter "middle" school) that I was just dumbfounded!

And that's on top of the obvious question of what is the injustice being done to MM?

Why change the subject from a bad situation with SME which MM himself has made much effort to support to a court case that is totally unrelated and in which he is the defendent?

I just don't get how that is in the spirit of building and growing a healthy, inclusive neighborhood where we can all live with some sense of well being and trust in our neighbors.

A fund raiser to hire a lawyer to prevent SME from closing would make sense and I would be the first one there. Even a community meeting at the school about the situation like the one last summer about the parkinglot/dog park matter would be good.

But raising money for an individual who is by no means helpless as though it was some kind of disaster relief emergency?

Very offensive, pariticularly in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti.

And, apparently because I spoke my mind about it to the Gallery, Moulton has informed me he intends to delete any future emails from me! That's not going to keep me from doing all I can to keep the school open but why shut down communication between two people on it? For just one misunderstood comment? Will that really help?

Sounds like a bad dream, doesn't it? I sure wish that's all it was!

Sarah Livingston