Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Your Voting Rights: Dead Again

How many times can a bill die? Apparently, over and over and over again.

Moments ago, Loose Lips reported that Delegate Norton has conceded defeat on the DC Voting Rights bill. Since she was unable to get a clean bill that did not strip the DC government of its ability to regulate handguns, there will be no bill at all, at least, at this time. He also notes that House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer had backed off earlier promises to bring the D.C. House Voting Right Act to the chamber’s floor.

Firm Democratic majority. Democratic President. It didn't matter in the Clinton era. It still apparently does not matter now.

It's time for a new plan.
  1. Although I was initially against this proposal as a matter of local pride, I have come to believe that the best option is providing the District with full voting representation through Maryland. Why? First, having one representative in the House doesn't mean a damn thing, but that's what we are fighting over now. There's a reason the framers created the Senate -- because smaller states rarely have a true say with a single vote in a 435 member body. Second, from a historic point of view, it makes sense. What is now the District was once part of, and voted with, Maryland. Third, from a political standpoint, it poses little threat to Republicans. Maryland is a blue state. Voting with Maryland won't change the national balance of power. Let's fight for something that matters.

  2. It would help if the District did not enact gun laws that, at least arguably, go over the constitutional line. This just puts the District up against the wall for a Congressional firing squad, pun intended.

  3. Get creative. If a Utah Congressman proposes an amendment to screw with our local (gun) laws, the District should propose an amendment to overturn Utah's local (alcohol) laws. After all, the District is keen on alcohol, right? Sure, it's not going anywhere, but let's expose the hypocracy.

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