Sunday, January 11, 2009

Internet Alter-Egos

When I was running for office, I had a "Google alert" set for my opponent, which would e-mail me links to any websites that came online with his name. Sorting through links to the wrestler known as "The Prince of Parkland," "Jack Evans from the Heavens," "The Master Blaster of Disaster," The Aerial Emperor," and "The Washington Warrior" always brought a smile even on the most hectic of days.

I've also got my internet competitors. Lately, one of them, a young entrepreneur in Kansas City, Missouri (video), is making headlines for his invention of "pub corn," popcorn that comes in various alcoholic beverage flavors. Apparently, it originally came about in order to spike popcorn to bring into the movies, but the now-marketed version is good for all ages. And when one of my work colleagues moved back to our home office in Kansas City a few years ago, I suggested he use Cary's lawnmowing service, one of his earlier business ventures.

The other web presence by the same name is a LASIK eye surgeon and blogger in Parsippany, New Jersey - an interesting coincidence since my father develops technology that is used by some LASIK doctors.

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ghettodev said...

Next time we will create a Wikipedia page for you to make sure you are higher up on the Google search.